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Allow the expertise of Carver Strategies to carve your brand into the online market with a custom website design and targeted marketing campaign.


Our modern websites are responsive, mobile-friendly powerhouses designed with intuitive user interface and are capable of handling any business need or design request.


Websites are an investment that should increase the value of your business. Invest in search engine optimization and other marketing services to get the most out of your website.


Schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, design your ideal site and implement a marketing strategy to help grow your brand to its fullest potential.

Our Services

WordPress Wesbites

WordPress was designed with two major purposes in mind: to be user friendly and to be open source. This is to say that these sites are intended to be used and managed by the client rather than the web developer for the life of the site. Furthermore, millions use WordPress and therefore a large community support the platform and numerous resources, guides, forums and support videos can be found online to help you learn more and stay current with your website. Best of all, WordPress allows for the best marketing and SEO tools to ensure your site is found. We also create full eCommerce website for clients looking to sell online with the WooCommerce tool. We make it a breeze to manage stock, conduct transactions and update your webpages without being chained to a web developer for the life of your website. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is simply maximizing the number of visitors to a website by utilizing tools that appeal to search engine algorithms. This marketing approach will cause a site to appear higher on the list of search results when potential customers are looking for similar businesses. In this modern age, a customer often use the internet before any other means of searching for the product or service they need. Usually this occurs with popular search terms through Google, Yahoo, Bing or similar engines. Our team of specialists will ensure your site ranks high with Google, Yahoo and Bing when users search for key terms related to your industry or business.

Social Media Management

Not all organizations require social media, but if you have content, news and photos that your clients would be interested in, then social media is necessary. Many organizations apply practices and rules from personal accounts and this can cause major public relations follies. Do not get caught looking unprofessional and losing valuable customer likes, views, followers and positive reviews. Allow Carver Strategies to manage your online presence beyond just a website using platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We can also help shape your Google Business page to grab more attention on maps as well as raise your user ratings and edge out the local competition. 

Graphic Design & Logo Creation

The key to making an impact on potential clients is a cohesive branding and marketing campaign. The public must easily identify not only the company, but their services through the unique image they portray. This critical perception can make or break a newly formed business and it all starts with the graphics being used. Due to the constantly shifting styles or preferences, certain graphics will instill a sense of professionalism while others may look outdated. Logos are held to this same standard therefore, if a new website is being considered it may be time to consider an updated logo as well. The ability to market a re-branding in often the invaluable spark needed to peak the interests of new clients as well as allow a company a clean sleight. Sit down with one of our expert designers to create a set of graphics that truly represent your vision and company. A mix of fresh ideas coupled with retaining elements that were previously successful for the brand will yield a final product warranting recognition. 

Photography & Videos

Modern technology has been pushing the limits of screen resolutions to the point where high definition has taken on a new meaning. This ongoing trend has caused the media used by companies to require more frequent updates to stay relevant. It carries a lot of weight when a website, plus its corresponding social media, contains high quality professional photography and videos. These serve the purpose of making the brand appear more enticing, qualified and deserving of a potential client’s attention versus competitors without aesthetically pleasing media. We can provide any organization with introduction videos, staff head-shots and facility photography.