The WordPress Platform

WordPress was designed with two major purposes in mind: to be user friendly and to be open source. This is to say that these sites are intended to be used and managed by the client rather than the web developer for the life of the site. Furthermore, millions use WordPress and therefore a large community support the platform and numerous resources, guides, forums and support videos can be found online to help you learn more and stay current with your website. Best of all, WordPress allows for the best marketing and SEO tools to ensure your site is found.


  • Responsive (adjusts to screen size)
    • Mobile functionality enabled
  • High customization factor
  • Friendly user interface
  • Embed and display HD media
    • 4k videos
    • High resolution images
  • Parallax scrolling
  • eCommerce capabilities
    • Allow for hundreds of individual products
    • Sync with Paypal or any online payment method
    • Shopping cart feature
  • SEO ready
    • Pages optimized with Yoast
  • Initial meta content supplied
    • Keywords
    • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Full training
    • Videos and guide provided
  • Third Party Plug-ins
    • Full marketplace of applications
    • Potential of the site to handle any future requirements
  • Blog friendly
  • Social media integration