Search engine optimization is simply maximizing the number of visitors to a website by utilizing tools that appeal to search engine algorithms. This marketing approach will cause a site to appear higher on the list of search results when potential customers are looking for similar businesses. In this modern age, a customer often use the internet before any other means of searching for the product or service they need. Usually this occurs with popular search terms through Google, Yahoo, Bing or similar engines. Our team of specialists will ensure your site ranks high with Google, Yahoo and Bing when users search for key terms related to your industry or business.

Use the PDF below to view the latest periodic table of SEO.

Social Media Management

Not all organizations require social media, but if you have content, news and photos that your clients would be interested in than social media is necessary. Many organizations apply practices and rules from personal accounts and this can cause major public relations follies. Do not get caught looking unprofessional and losing valuable customer likes, views, followers and positive reviews.

Google AdWords

With Google being one of the more competitive engines due to its popularity we also recommend investing in an ad campaign Google offers. This will allow your business to be noticed in advertising pushed by Google in many different places on the web. Carver Strategies is licensed to work directly with Google to set up an AdWords campaign for you or your organization.

Google Analytics

Carver Strategies implements each site we build with Google Analytics to allow us to track progress and adjust our strategies based on client feedback, tracking reports and visitor data collected by Google. We will share our monthly findings and detailed ranking reports directly with you to ensure all parties can collaborate in the best tactics to push your business online.