Latest SEO news 9/14/16

Recently people seem to have fallen for a blatant SEO pitfall. This common trap is advertised by many marketing companies, and put simply it is the idea that: SEO is a “solvable” equation with a simple solution. Unfortunately for the experts on search engine optimization, we know differently. Google, Bing and other major search engine companies keep their algorithms a closely held secret. On top of that, though many marketing agencies come close to figuring out exactly what this algorithm looks for, the algorithm is constantly evolving over time. If too many blogs and articles seem to be tricking the algorithm to favoring a select few sites, it suddenly changes without much warning into something completely new. Even with certifications and years of experience, SEO is difficult to pin down. The only way to truly stay ahead of it is through research. A good SEO and marketing company is not only submitting content for you site to be found by search engines, but also constantly keeping tabs on the algorithm. Staying current on trends, values, and the keywords of successful competitors is the best way to nail down SEO.